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Posted by Mark on 10/02/2001 09:29:28 AM

Hi Alan,

I will assume that you havent been to Brugge before, so my apologies if you have heard all this before !!

The "best" café in Brugge is Brugse Beertje at Kemelstraat, 5. Over 200 beers and a superb café. Not sure about their attitude to children, but I think it would be OK to take your son in during the early evening, but would suggest you take him out no later than 7.30pm. Opening times are 16.00 onwards daily, except Wednesday when it is closed.

Other recommended cafés in Brugge are :

De Garre (De Garre Passage, 1) open from 12 noon daily. (Over 100 beers)

Den Dyver (Dyver, 5) does excellent food and is open from 11.00am except Wednesday when it is closed. (about 50 beers)

Brasserie Erasmus (Wollestraat, 50) is actually a hotel bar, so is probably a safe bet for your son !! ... and it has about 200 beers !!! Open daily from 11.00am except Monday (closed). They have an email address info@hotelerasmus.com ... might be worth checking directly.

In general terms Alan, Belgian bars usually welcome kids before 8pm, when they expect them to leave so that the serious drinkers can get on with it. However thsi policy varies a bit ... lets just say that some are moer "child friendly" than others. But The Erasmus should be a pretty safe bet.

Hope this helps. Let us know how you get on !!

Cheers !! Mark.

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