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Belgian Babblers + 24 Uur

Posted by Mark on 10/04/2001 07:29:40 AM

Hi Filip,

There are three "regular" Belgian babblers on the BBB :

Frank Fieuw, a beer lover and serious Star Wars fanatic from Antwerp

Danny DeBeule, a beer lover and antique glass collector who live is a small town near St. Niklaas. He is known as Cyberyannis on Ebay, where he sells a few glasses !!

and ... Dany Prignon, who I am sure you will know is the owner and brewer at the fantastic Fantome brewery in Soy !!!

There are also one or two "non-Belgian" babblers who live in Belgium ... like me !! I live in Tervuren, between Brussels and Leuven. There is also Priscilla Estes, a writer on beer who is American living in Antwerp. I think that covers everyone ... sorry if I missed someone !!!

With regards to the 24 Uur, if you go to the top of the message board, you will see a "link" saying "Babblers mmeting at the Kulminator 2/11 and the 24 Uur". As you will see from the lists, there are over 20 of us attending the 24 Uur and we are also having a "get together" in the Kulminator on the Friday night before the 24 Uur (2nd November). You would be very welcome to join us !!!

Cheers !! Mark.

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