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My 7 hours in Ghent

Posted by Ian on 11/07/2001 03:40:36 PM

On my way back from Antwerp last weekend, I decided to travel back home via Ghent. I did not remember Ghent being such a large city. The city seemed to be spread all over the place and it was not so easy to navigate on foot or public transport.

HOPDUVEL was my first beer stop in the city. The Hopduvel is relatively close to St Peters station. Tim Webbs 1998 guide said it was shut on mondays but luckily for me it was open! The outside of the Hopduvel looks like a small house. Open the front door and you are in a charming place full of cosy rooms. There is an attractive covered garden at the rear with a pond full of fish. A few people were already sitting outside enjoying the almost spring like weather. I really loved this bar. The service and quality of food was very good. I remember Jeremy had a bad experience with food and service (I was visiting at 11:45am and it had only just opened , perhaps this is the best time to visit). The Belgian blonde waitress who served me was another good reason to revisit this place! The beer list was very good, but I agree with Jeremy, add another 100 or so more beers and this place would be a world beater. I had 4 beers in the Hopduvel, the best one was Floreffe La Meillure. What a great beer (Tim Webb said that the aroma reminded him of a Victorian sweet shop, he was spot on!) Where can I get hold of this beer in the UK?!

I visited WATERHUIS AAN DE BIERKANT next, what a great location for a bar, right beside the river. I liked this place almost as much as the Hopduvel. When I got there it was about 3pm and the place was absolutely packed. I expected it to be a lot larger (there were no tables outside because it was November). Another good beer list here written in a quirky style which I liked very much. I had a couple of De Bie beers here, my favourite being Helleketelbier.

On my way back to St Peters Station, I thought I'd have a quick beer in the Dreupelkot but it was closed. There is always something closed in Belgium. Perhaps the US and UK should adopt this laid back approach to work instead of the long hours we have to endure!

You cannot really visit Ghent in 7 hours, 3 days would be better. I will definitely be back to revisit the above 2 bars.



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