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Abbaye Trip.

Posted by Mat W on 01/09/2002 10:02:31 PM

Hi Donna,

I have stayed in all 3 cities a lot over the last 10 years. I'll get onto a list of cafes you might like to try, later.

If you want to try a Trappist Brewery then you might like to consider Achelse. You can get a train from Antwerp to Neerpelt ( 1hr 10 mins ) and then it is a 15 min bus ride ( Mon to Sat ) or a 10 min taxi ride ( Sun 0 no buses! ) to the brewery.

This is the newest of the Trappist Breweries and is not as traditional as say, Westvleteren of Rochfort. If you dont fancy this then most of the others a long way from rail links. The next closest would proably be Westmalle, again near(ish) to Antwerp but I'm not sure how far the nearest station would be.

Don't worry if you can't get to a Abbey, their beers are widely available, especially Chimay, Rochefort, Orval and Westmalle.

Now then. ANTWERP.

I suppose other peoples tips will vary greatly, but here's my twopenneth worth.

I will assume that you have some knowledge of Belgian Beers.

A good place for a meal is the Brouwerij 't Pakhuis at Vlaamsekaai 76 in the southeast of the city. The food here is excellent and is only a short tram ride away from the centre. ( get yourself a good map from one of the newsagents outside the main station ).

They brew 3 beers and it is nice place to spend the earlier part of the evening.

As stated by others, the Kulminator is an experience not to be missed, but I would also recommend the following.

By the Catherdral is the Het Elfte Gebod ( excuse the spelling , I'm trying to do this without the guide book in front of me ). the beer is not brilliant but the bar has to be seen to be believed, Almost next door is another splendid bar, which for the life of me I cannot remember the name of. If you stand facing the cathedral's front door and look to your left, the pub is on a corner. If you look in the front there is a split level affect with a balcony at the back of the bar. (C'mon guys help me out, the grey matter is failing me again ). This is a lively old place especially later on the evening and stocks about 100+ beers and may be a good introduction to the subject should you be in that area.

My personal favourite bar in Antwerp is the Waagstuk. The owner is a riot, and will happily teach you all you need to know about Belgian Beer. If they have the Zeppelin available try it - one of my favourite Belgian tipples. Dark and Strong.


Where to start. Tims Webb's Guide will assist you. Stephen D'Arcy is the person to speak to really. He has compiled a superb guide of the best bars in and around Brussels and would be well worth your while trying to get hold of as it also gives tips and really good easy to understand transport tips. It also includes Antwerpen, Mechelen, Brugge and Gent amongst other places.

As mentioned already by others, the Bier Circus is a good as place as any to head for. A superb range of some of the better beers available in Belgium.. Try the Spaghetti Bol a la Chimay - sublime.

There is a brewery in the corner of the Grand Place ( personally I do not rate the beers - a bit too commercial for my liking ).

There are the old favourites in the city centre like La Becasse ( for the atmosphere if not the beer ); the Mort Subite, (ditto), the Spinnikope ( spelling ?) - excellent food and beer menu. The Porte Noir by Brussels Kappelkerk station ).

A trip to the proeflokaal of the Cantillon Brewery is an interseting diversion for an hour ( even if you don't like Gueuze it is an interesting place to visit.)

If you feel like something different, there is the small village of Beersel ( accessible by train Mon to Fri only I believe ), where you will find yorself faced with a choice of the Drie Fonteinen Cafe of Oud Beersels bar, or for a real treat the kriek beer in the cafe Drie Bronnen.

Best tip for Brussels is just to wander about and see what you come across. It's how I started on the slippery slope.



The Brugse Beertje needs no further explanation and this will not be the last recommendation you get for that bar.

Try also Den Zolder, the Cafe Erasmus, The Garre, Den Dyver ( beer cuisine ), Brugse Bierkaai ( brewery ), be a tourist at the Straffe Hendrik 'brewery'. If you can find it, there is a really good pub in the north of the town called Het Nieuw Museum. The food in here is based heavily around grilled meat which they cook on an open wood fire in the corner of the main bar - it is heaven; the quality of the meat is stunning.

Right enough rabbiting.

Enjoy yourself, and above all DRINK TOO MUCH.


Mat Wilson.

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