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Lop Lop : Directions and Comments

Posted by Mark on 01/11/2002 03:48:05 AM

Sorry to butt in here Podge, and Stephen is more than welcome to add his own comments, but for what it's worth ...

Firstly I just read Dick's directions and despite living near Brussels they totally confused me (sorry Dick (;-P). You might find this a bit easier to follow :

Starting in the Grand Place, leave via the corner where the new brewpub "Le Brasseurs / De Brouwers" is situated. Follow that road out for about 50 metres and you should now be able to see the distinctive green sign of a BBL bank. To the left of the bank (as you look at it) is an entry to the very posh and expensive Galleries Royal St. Hubert shopping centre. Go in there and walk right through the full length of the shopping centre. If you look now look up to your right as you leave the shopping centre you will see the famous "A la Mort Subite" café. However, for the Lop Lop, you should turn left and walk down the bank and Lop Lop is about 100 metres down on the left (on a corner).

Now the pub itself ... until about a year a-or so ago, Lop Lop was managed by an English guy called Andy Barrett ... lovely bloke, but mad as a hat stand and sporting a huge "Jesus style" beard and long hair combo. Andy is a real beer enthusiast ... really knows his stuff ... and turned Lop Lop into a bar selling over 100 beers, including a few British real ales on tap. Unfortunately, Andy is probably not the world's best businessman so he had to bail out and sold up to some of the other guys who worked with him (also Brits).

I have been into Lop Lop about 3 or 4 times since Andy left, and to be fair, apart form not seeing his hairy personage, the bar didn't seem much different to me. The beer range still seemed to be in tact ... last time I was their I ordered a Hommelbier, Binchoise Blond, Rochefortoise Blond, St. Feuillien Blond ... all were available and in the correct glass. However I must admit that it is about 4 months (at least) since I was in there last, so Stephen might have more up to date info.

Lop Lop is the kind of place you either love or hate. If you are looking for a traditional, quiet Belgian café to enjoy a few beers, then forget it. Lop Lop has a pretty mixed clientele, the music is usually modern and fairly loud, partucilarly on the weekend, when there are often live bands on. I think it's a great place, but I could understand why people (i.e. sad old farts) would not like it !!

Cheers !! Mark.

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