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Brussels report #1

Posted by Aaron on 03/12/2002 07:12:37 PM

Ok, I think I have my notes together. Here goes a description of me and my wifes trip to Brussels. I'm not as verbose as Jeremy but I'll try to add some color.

Some background. It is my third trip to Belgium and the second time with my wife, DD. We're coming from Boston and we found this great deal at GoToday.com. After tax and all fees it was $550 per person for airfare and 6 nights hotel at the Hotel Bedford, which I must say was pretty nice.

We arrived at 8:30 am in Brussels. Took the train into town (it's just too simple and cheap to pass up). We got lucky and were able to check right into our room. After a quick nap (I couldn't sleep) we went up to Mort Subite for a nosh and a few beers. DD had 2 krieks (you'll see this is a common theme) and I had a faro and a lambic blanche.

Since we were staying in the same hotel for 6 nights we went over to Super GP (big supermarket in town) to get provisions, meat, cheese, apples, beer (Hoegaarden Forbidden Fruit and Leffe Radiuse) and bread for snack in the room (we had a minibar and a balcony for chilling food and beer).

Then off to a bar I had never been to, Porte Noir. I really liked this place. It's a cellar pub that has a gothic feel. The bartender was very helpful and pleasant. I started of with a draft Hommelbier then a Bornem Tripel and finished with a Barbaar. DD had two Boon krieks. We wanted to return but just never made it. As you'll see the lure of Bier Circus (BC) was too strong. I recommend this bar highly. Looked like around 100 good selections for beer with many specials on draft.

We then went to Falstaff for Dinner. No staff fights on the first night, only great service and great food. The place was packed too. I had a Rodenbach and a Westmalle Tripel. DD had two Leffe Blondes.

Then the long walk up the hill to BC. I think I can now do this walk from GP in my sleep. I want to tell everyone up front that I love Bier Circus! I am so happy when I'm here. Don't know why but it's a slice of heaven on Earth. The front room was full but we managed to get two seats a the end of the bar. The menu as always is overwhelming. I tried, in order, a Bink Bloesem, Hellekapelle, Rochefort 6 and finished with a Kameleon Amber. DD had a Lindemans Kriek and a Boon Oud Kriek (1998). Dominique was pouring a lot of fresh Hommelbier, it was definitely the most popular beer of the evening. All in all a good start to the trip but we were exhasted.

The walk down the hill was long but we made it safely. Stopping for a short time in GP.

Well that's the first day. Dinner's ready so I'll continue tomorrow. Stayed tuned to see what happens when I try to drink my weight in beer!


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