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Brussels report #2

Posted by Aaron on 03/13/2002 08:52:32 PM

Our second day started very late, after noon late! We jumped on the Brussels metro system for the first time and headed to St Gilles. A note about the Metro system, it appears that it works on the honor system. During our trip we saw very few people pay to ride and there isn't staff at the stops to make sure you pay. I thought it was very strange and a great loss of income for the city.

After a visit to the Horta Museum (very cool art deco residence with a hide-a-way urinal in one of the bedrooms) and a quick bite to eat, we headed to Moeder Lambic. The first thing I noticed was the dust and smoke that had accumulated on the old bottles lining the ceiling. It gave the place a very ancient look. We ordered several beers on the menu that weren't available but I had been warned about this. I ended up having a Helleketelbier and an Oerbier. DD had a Boon Kriek and a St Louis Kriek. I liked this pub. It felt like a great local bar that I would love to hang out in. The bartender was relaxed and many of his friends seemed to be there having a late afternoon drink. I did notice that they were selling Guiness and Unibroue products.

We took the tram back into town and headed to Toone for a pre-dinner drink. We both like Toone a lot. Puppets and beer, how can you go wrong. I had Brigand Tripel and DD had a Mort Subite Kriek.

Then we went over to In't Spinnekopke for dinner. It was Wednesday so we went over without a reservations. It was very full and we squeezed onto the end of an already occupied table. The waiter never gave us beer menus so I don't know if they have them. We just ordered what we thought they might have and they did. I had a Rochefort 10 and Westmalle Trippel, DD had 2 Jacobine Krieks. For dinner I had Salmon in biere blanche and DD had Carbonnades in kriek. The food was spectacular. Our complete meal with drinks and a tip was less than 50 Euros. It was one of the best meals I've had in a long time.

Then came the very long walk to BC. They were very busy, since there was a show next door but we were able to grab a few seats at the bar. I had a Kameleon Tripel, Rulles Blonde (I split a 75cl with Domonique) and a Postel Tripel. DD had two Lindemans Krieks. The Kameloen tripel was excellent. I highly recommend this beer. I did bring up the "is Westvleteren 12 a tripel" debate with Dominique and he quickly dismissed it as a possibility. His reasons were not completely clear probably because I was not thinking completely clear at the time. Well as you can deduce after 8 beers, 4 of them Tripels, I was tosted. DD rolled me down the hill to our hotel and I barely remember the walk.

I do however remember the next morning. It was very painful. DD summed things up in our notebook by saying "Aaron was not an active participant in breakfast." Actually I wasn't an active participant in the day until dinner!

On day three we took the metro to Ixelles. We walked through the Abbaye Chambre and then went to the Ixelles Museum. It was a nice little museum at the top of the hill. Just the right size to visit if you have a hangover.

Then we headed in search of Nasser's store, Bieres Artisnals. Nasser has a very small but very beer dense store. He was packing one of his big shipments to the US when we rolled in. I grabbed a light and dark Fantome Babbilard and some other beers, glasses, signs, and books. I hate to say it, but with a little effort cleaning and organizing, this store could be incredible. As it is set up now, it took me 20 minutes just to figure out what he had and didn't have. They were 20 enjoyable minutes though!

We headed to the Porte Namur Metro stop to head back to the hotel. I would like to say that I did not feel safe in this area, even though it was the middle of the day. There were just too many shifty looking individuals hanging out on the street corners.

We made it back though without incident and prepared for dinner and beers at BC. Once again Bier Circus was packed. We actually had to sit in the back room where we ordered food and a beer. DD thinks that BC's spaghetti bolanaise is the best deal on the planet. I ordered the ham and mushroon lasagna. Both were excellent. I think BC is under rated for their food. They serve perfect beer drinking food that is freshly prepared, tastes great and is inexpensive. How can you go wrong!

On this evening I went a little overboard, having, in order, a Sara Biologique (draft), Caracole Amber, Binchoise Brune, Rochefortoise Amber and a La Chouffe (draft). DD had three Liefmans Krieks.

Even though I seemed to drink more this night than the last, I felt much more sober due to the lower alcohol beers I consummed. I though the Sara Biologique was the best beer of the evening. It was silky smooth with a slight tartness. The worst beer was easily the Rochefortoise Amber. It was just a plain tasting brown beer with no special qualities.

Once again we strolled down the hill stopping in GP for some night pics and ended up having a great nights sleep.

Well that's it for this installment, I'm tired of typing. Tomorrow I'll try to explain how you can go to Beersel but never get there.



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