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Re: Filip is right

Posted by Mark on 03/14/2002 10:52:26 AM

I have to bakc up what Dick and Filip say here. I can see where Aaron gets the impression that nobody actually pays to get on the Metro in Brussels ... I got exactly the same impression when I first moved here. I would not try to pretend that nobody abuses the system ... I am sure that people do just jump on without tickets. I am told that ticket inspectors patrol the trains, but in the 2 years I have lived here, I have never seen one !! But for people who use the Metro regularly, as Dick says, it makes sense to buy a monthly (or longer) passcard. These don't have to be shown when entering a station or train. I usually by a 10-trip ticket, which gives you 10 journeys for the normal cost of about 7 and there is no time restriction on using them.

>> Tervuren (Icepick's igloo is there), which is a very pretty ride to a charming place. <<

Thanks for the "namecheck" for Tervuren Dick !! It is indeed a very nice journey from Montgomery (where the tram starts) out to Tervuren. It takes you through Woluwe and Auderghem, two of the most affluent areas of Brussels, and then out through the outskirts of the Zonienwood (a huge forested area) into Tervuren. As Dick says, I do live in a very nice area ... the main attraction of Tervuren is the Africa Musuem and the massive public park that the museum is surrounded by. The museum used to be a "summer palace" for the King of Belgium and has been a museum since 1908. You can see a picture of the front of the museum by visiting the website :


For those sad enough to be interested, if you look at the picture ... if you go to the right of the main museum building, between the museum and the right-hand gate house, there is a gate. Turn right and walk about 400 metres and you will see a Super GB supermarket. Turn left into the road where the supermarket is and walk about 100 metres and voila ... Chateau Icepick !!!

Cheers !! Mark.

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