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Posted by Mark on 03/15/2002 08:51:53 AM

Depends what you are looking for really Podge. Tervuren does not have what you would describe as a "classic" beer café ... non of them have over 50 beers. But there are two that have reasonable lists, and one where the list is preey dull but the café itself is quite interesting :

Den Engel ... opposite the church in the main square in Tervuren, stocks about 45 beers including Rochefort 8° and 10°, Chimay Blue and Red, Orval and has recently started stocking at least one beer from Westvleteren. Last time I was in (about 3 weeks ago) they had both the Westvleteren 8° and 12°. They also have Tripel Karmeliet and the whole Affligem range and they have the two Corsendonk beers on tap. This is probably the best café in the town.

Narixa ... up the bank and around the corner from Den Engel, near the swimming pool (just ask someone !!). Lists all of the Trappists except Achel, but in reality doesn't always have all of them. Last time I was in I ordered a Westvlteren 6° and A Rochefort 6° ... they didn't have either in stock. They do have Westmalle Dubbel on tap though, plus one or two other goodies like Brugse Tripel and Bush.

Then there is Spoorloos Tramstatie ... as the name suggests, this is the old Tervuren tram station and is about 30 metres away from the current one !! Beer list is crap ... it has Orval and Duvel, but not much else of interest ... but the café itself is great ... it just lloks like someone has put a bar in a delapidated tram station ... there is even an old carriage inside and loads of really old station signs and lights and stuff. This could be a cracking place with about another 30 well chosen beers !!

Cheers !! Mark.

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