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Brussels report #3

Posted by Aaron on 03/15/2002 12:52:36 PM

On our forth day we planned to go to Beersel. We made it to the train station, got connection instruction and bought our tickets. Jumped on the first train and got off at the Halle station. This is where things went down hill. The station at Halle is and open air station with 6 tracks and no information booth (that I could find). The tracks are numbered but where each train is going on what track wasn't obvious. There were two trains sitting there when we arrived. I asked a conductor which train went to Beersel. He seemed to understand and said in pretty good English, "the next train on this track". Well, why wouldn't I believe him. I couldn't find any markings on the trains and there wasn't anyone else I could find on the platform to ask. So we waited a few minutes for the next train travelling on the same track. No conductor got out to ask where this train was heading (to the knowledgeable it was probably blatently obvious). So DD and I got on. Well the train was actully headed back to Brussels! Doh! The ticket guy came up to us and we hand him our tickets and he starts asking us a bunch of questions in French. Neither of us understood a word. We asked in English "Beersel?" and he looked like he didn't have a clue. He shook his head curiously and left us. We started to get out of the train at the next stop thinking we could head back, but the conductor ran up saying "no no no. Zuid." Looking back on it, we probably could not have got a connection from that station and would have been even more messed up so he thought it was better for us to go back to our original starting station, Zuid. So we ended up travelling back to south station. I don't do well when I get screwed up like this. I get really frustrated and this really peeved me. We could have just bought another ticket and tried it again but I was afraid we'd just get lost again so we bagged going to Beersel. Looks like a reason for another trip!

Oh well time to adapt. It was a beautiful day out so we took the Metro to Cinquintaire park, went to the Museum there and the Auto museum. Both were ok, not great. The monument at Cinquintaire park is impressive but the park itself is a bit untidy. Actually a lot of Brussels is untidy but you probably should expect that for a big city. Since it was such a nice day we went back to GP and grabbed a seat at Roy D'Espagne, a cafe on GP, and had a quick beer. GP was very lively since it was above 50F and sunny. I had a Chimay Blue and DD had a Leffe Blonde.

Since our original plan to eat at Drie Fontinien was blown we had to come up with a new place. Digging through MJ's book we found reference to a resutaunt that had biere cuisine, L'Etolie d'Or. It was close to the hotel so we headed over around 7pm. We were the first people there and the hostess/waitress/probably owner greated us as if we were long lost family. She took the time to explain the whole menu and was incredibly friendly and attentive. We had some baked mushroom caps in butter and garlic for an appetizer. I then had lamb sauteed in Maredsous 8 and DD had Steak Bruxilles which was grilled steak with a gueze sauce that we think had pepper and mustard seasonings. The food was fabulous. The beer selection was slim so I had an Orval (which by the way goes perfectly with heavy garlic dishes) and then a Maredsous 8. DD had 2 Leffe blondes. For the next 1 1/2 hours only 3 other couples came in to the resturaunt so it was a nice quiet evening.

I highly recommend this restruraunt.

Then, off course, the now traditional walk back up the hill to BC. Once again there was a good crowd there but we still manage a table in the front room. For beers I have, in order a Westvleteren 8, Achel Blonde, Het Kappital Prior, Mahluer 12 and a Rochefort 6. DD has her usual 2 Leifmans Krieks and a Bel pils.

All the beers were fabulous tonight but the Malheur 12 really stood out. As a matter of fact this beer and Kameleon tripel are the best beers I had over the trip. I spoke with Patrick about Achel. He says the bottled product isn't available at the brewery cafe but they have two other beers there that aren't available in bottle. In addition the bottled beer is filtered and pasteurized. I was very suprised by that. DD and I also split one of BC's Chimay chocolate mouse desserts served in a tiny Chimay glass. It was awesome!

Well another successful night after a tough day. Hey, I just remembered, I didn't see Mark! Mark, I guess you weren't able to make it.

We went back to the hotel and sleep came quickly.

Next intallment will include the final two days of our vaction including a visit to Cantilion when they were brewing.


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