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Beersel train (I posted this a couple weeks ago)

Posted by MikeK on 03/15/2002 04:00:22 PM

Posted by MikeK on 02/25/2002 05:36:43 PM

I went to Beersel from Leuven because I was staying there at a friend's. Since I was planning ahead I went to the ticket counter a few days in advance. I asked, in English, about getting to Beersel. The agent asked "Brussels?" I said Beersel and he gave me a timetable. I then decided that I also wanted to visit Mechelen on my way back from Beersel, so I asked a different agent

about getting to Beersel and then Mechelen. She asked "Brussels?" I said Beersel. So I'm

about to get on to the little connecting train that goes to Beersel but I figured I should make sure the train stopped there. I asked one conductor if they stopped in Beersel and he said "You're going to Beersel?? I think we do." He asked another conductor and I heard him say "Beersel??"

So for us it is an important destination, for most Belgians it is an obscure little town.


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