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Re: Brussels report #3

Posted by Thom Aikman on 03/17/2002 02:09:11 PM

Looks like this is a very common problem at Halle station.

We arrived from Brussel Zuid in February 2001 at Halle station expecting the connecting train to Beersel to be on platform 4 but unfortunately the platform had changed and we were not clear when the train terminus was. I think it was Mechelen for that service. The train we eventually got on, then hurtled through the Brussels suburbs back to Brussels Zuid. We then got back on the next train to Halle and managed to successfully get a proper connecting train to Beersel. We also asked the conductor, in French, if the train went to Beersel. He confirmed. We got on and three stops later we arrived at the deserted Beersel halt.

For us, the secret was not to try and read a Belgian rail timetable half cut from the night before, when the eyesight and the brain were not in complete co-ordination.

Nevertheless, after all the effort, we had a great day in Beersel. Lunch at Drie Fontainen, massive beer purchases in the shop next door, then lugging 2 rucksacks full of Gueze and Kriek along the road to Oud Beersel. We sat out in the garden with 2 glasses of Kriek, emjoying the winter sunshine, before heading back to the station, via Halle to Brussels. We had excellent directions from the barman there back to the station.

A wonderful day.

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