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Some good points Mike !!

Posted by Mark on 03/18/2002 08:00:03 AM

>> So for us it is an important destination, for most Belgians it is an obscure little town. <<

This is a very good point Mike. To the "average" Belgian, Beersel is just a small insignificant village near Brussels. It is only the "beer tourist" who would see this town as important.

>> I asked, in English, about getting to Beersel. The agent asked "Brussels?" <<

It may sound strange, but I can understand why a Belgian might have thought you said Brussels ... or at least Brussel. You should take a couple of things into account here ... firstly the Flemish call Brussels "Brussel" ... with no "s" at the end. The Wallonians call it "Bruxelles" which is actually pronounced "Broo-sell". I would guess Mike, that when you asked for Beersel, you actually pronounced it like it reads in English ... "Beer-sell". The "ee" sound in Flemish is actually pronouced more like the "ay" or "ai" sound in English. So the correct pronunciation of the name Beersel is in fact "Bayer-sell". But then take into account that the "r" sound would be very short, so when Flemish person says "Beersel" it would sound more like "Bay-sell" to an untrained English speaker.

So whilst I am not defending the Belgian rail system, I can see where the misunderstanding could take place !!

Cheers !! Mark.

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