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Brussels report #4

Posted by Aaron on 03/18/2002 09:12:09 PM

Well it is now saturday. DD and start the day with a visit to Cantillon. When we get there, the place is packed. There was a line out the door to pay to get in. It looked as though two bus tours had stopped by. Not deterred we payed our small admittance fee and started wondering around. An extra special treat today, they were brewing! Tons of steam and belts moving and liquid boiling, it was great to see this antique brewery in action. Cantillon never ceases to amaze. It is a must stop for anyone visiting Brussels. We had a nice drink in the cafe area after walking around. DD had a kriek and I had a faro.

After relaxing for a while we took the metro to the Museum of Modern Art. For 5 Euros you get the both Museum Modern and Ancient. I think it is one of the best deals in town. We did the Ancient art museum last year so this year it was the modern. I don't understand a lot of the art but it was fun to browse. We stopped in the cafeteria for a bite to each and of course they have beer with the proper glassware. I had a Chimay Blue and DD had Bellevue Kriek.

We then went over to the Musical Instrument Museum in the newly renovated Old English building. This is a great place! You get headphones and as you wonder around the 4 floors of displays you automatically hear samples of the musical instruments playing at the same time you are looking at them. It's very cool. Wondering through both museums took a lot out of us so we went back to the hotel to rest.

We couldn't figure out where to eat and we knew we would end up at BC so we just decided to eat there again. So back up the hill! Once again there was a good crowd at Bier Circus. There was a show next door. We grabbed a table in the front room and was pleasantly greeted by Patrick. I ordered the house tart with chicken and mushrooms, DD had the spaghetti bolanaise. Throughout the evening we watched many people come and go. There were busy times and slow times. For beers I tried a T'Chafete Blonde (Orval-like), Liefmans Goudenband (the perfect sour brown), Plokkersbier (de Bie's answer to Hommelbier?), Biere des Fangnes Rousse (nice farmhouse ale), Malheur 10 (another great beer from these guys) and finished off with a Kameleon Tripel. DD got a little adventurous tonight and tried a Sara Biologique, Saison Dupont, Rodenbach GC, Liefmans Kriek (of course!) and finished with a Bel Pils. It was our last night at BC and there was a definite sadness when I left. I don't know when I'll be back but I know I will. Each time I go to BC, I always discover some taste or some tidbit of info I didn't know before. It's like a never ending treasure chest!

Well the last day in Brussels was Sunday. And while many places and cafes are closed the flea markets in the Sablon district are busy. We wondered through them looking for beer signs and trays but didn't find anything. Since it was another beautiful day the whole area was very crowded. We were lucky and got a seat at an outdoor cafe, I think it was called the Black Sheep. While catching some rays I had two Duvels and DD had two Mort Subite Krieks. We picked up a few presents and I filled in some gaps at Bier Temple. I did notice that Malheur Brut was 3 Euros cheaper then at Nasser's store.

We stopped by the Brewpub on GP for a beer. It wasn't too bad. I thought the pub was definitely American-style. The beers were good though. We then went to Cirio for a nosh and a beer. DD had a Hoegaarden and I had Rochefort 10. On to Becasse for another beer this time a Chimay Rouge for me and a Kriek for DD. Then our final dinner at Falstaff (this time with floor show, two waiters arguing and then the manager getting into it!). I had the rabbit, DD had the Chicken Brambant, both very good. For beers DD had a tub of Hoegaarden and I had a Kwak and Westmalle Tripel. We headed back to the hotel early to pack and get to bed early. That 5:30 am wake up call sure does come early!

The flight home was uneventful except for some bad turbulence We finally made it home after almost 12 straight hours of travelling.

Total haul:

2x Malheur 12, 2x Malheur 10, 2x Liefmans Kriek, 2x Hoegaarden Verboten Vrucht, 1 each: Rochefort 6, Affligem tripel, Affligem dubbel, Westvletern 12, Brunehaut Blonde, Fantome Babbiliard light and dark 75cl and a Het Kappital Abt. We lost one glass during transit but I successfully got 7 glasses, 3 beer signs and MJ's latest addition of the Great Beers of Belgium book home.

Well that's about it. If anyone has any specific questions about anywhere we visited just pipe up.

Thanks for listening,


Brussels report #4 - Aaron, 03/18/02 09:12:09 PM
        Forget the Sablon for beer stuff - Dick, 03/19/02 11:38:28 AM
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