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Re: 2 weekend in Belgium.

Posted by Joelle on 05/15/2002 10:31:59 AM

Great report Mat! Glad to hear you were able to buy some Lou Pepe at the brewery, sorry to hear the Crombe Kriekenbier at Erasmus. Darn! Do you happen to know how much of the Lou Pepe they still have in stock at Cantillon? Jeremy and I are going to try and hit them up for some on July 6th.

You mentioned a 1987 bottle of Callewaert Schavuit that you had a Kroegske. I haven't heard about this beer before. What's it like? I assume it has changed lately based on your comments.

Claire isn't going to give you the look and keep you from meeting us at the Beertje on June 29th is she? ;^) Will she be along on that trip?


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