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Re: Brugge bar question

Posted by Jeremy Gray on 05/23/2002 03:12:51 PM

Dick - here's a few to get you going:

1) 't Brugs Beertje - Kemelstraat. Best bar in town bar none. On a tiny street between the two main drags (Geldmuntstraat and Steenstraat) that go from the Markt to the other main square called 't Zand. Near St Simon Stevin Plein. Open from 4pm - don't miss it.

2) De Zolder - Vlamingstraat. Approx 5 - 10 mins north of the Markt. Opens at 5pm if I remember correctly (this is the one that Luc owns - who posted here recently a few times. Atmospheric cellar bar with a short but decent list.

3) Erasmus - 35 Wollestraat: on a street which runs from Markt to the Dyver canal. Try and get some '21' - a De Dolle house beer brewed for the cafe's 21st birthday. Excellent beer list, not a bad place for lunch either.

4) De Garre - 1 De Garre: up a tiny blind alley off the link street between the Markt and the Burg. Great ambience and open all day from 12. Good list too.

5) Vlissinghe - a bit off the beaten track at 2a Blekkerstraat. Head for Jan van Eyck Plein, turn right and keep going down the canal to the three way canal junction. Not classic for its beer, but for its incredible ancient, 500 year old building and heavy wooden furniture. I also go there frequently for simple but hearty lunches.

6) Dickies - a newer bar right on 't Zand square, which, IMO, is not up to that much, but may be worth popping into, if only so you can get your picture taken beside the bar with your name in its name!

7)Straffe Hendrick brewery and brewery tap - 26 Walplein - head south down Mariastraat from Simon Stevin plein. Just the two beers on sale, but I really like the bar. You can do tours of the brewery a couple of times a day, more in summer.

Touristy stuff? - if I only had one day, I'd wander the canals, go see Minnewater, climb the Belfort in the Markt (big tower with great view) and just wander around the bars. Unbeatable. Oh, and don't forget to get yourself in front of a telly at 13.30 local time to see England get stuffed by Argentina in the World Cup!

If you want more specifics just shout.



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