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Re: Brugge bar question

Posted by Filip Geerts on 05/24/2002 04:37:11 AM

Well, Jeremy mentioned very correctly all the most important beerpubs.

Another very interesting beerpub: bistro-pub Het Bargehuis (De Berenpub) Bargeweg 2, 8000 Brugge with 80 kinds of beer. Very cozy place decorated with a huge amount of bears (teddy-bears). The food, especially the grilled spare-ribs are outstanding. http://www.bargehuis.internetgids.be/

Indeed De Zolder is also a very good recommendation. Luk Vandamme (formerly bartender at 't Brugs Beertje) runs this place and did put some messages here. Most of De Regenboog beers (watch the Bill Coleman labels !!) can be tasted there. Speciality: Sint-Bernardus 12 with artisanal made butter chocs! for about 120 Bf = 3 Euro.

Another good bar: Bierhuys Den Ovene Braambergstraat 6 with 50 kinds of beer. The ONLY place at Brugge with Malheur 12 on the list. My all-time favorit beer.......

For something TOTALLY different you can taste the terrific "Snuffel beer" (Brewery De Regenboog) at youth hostel De Snuffel. This delicious beer is ONLY available at this place, so VERY unique ! www.snuffel.be

About Straffe Hendrik brewery. Straffe Hendrik is brewed at Riva now !

About Dickie's Bar: The whole place will be renovated in a short time. The state of the buiding (especially the outside)is really not an attraction now. Just go inside and a wonderful beerworld will appear.

On June 7th, there is a very good possibility to find me at 't Brugs Beertje at late evening !!

See ye........

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