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Posted by MikeK on 07/12/2002 02:38:46 PM

When we were in Tournai a year ago on a Sunday in May it took 5 tries to find an ATM that was operational, not out of money. They simply spit the card back out before you could try to get cash, very strange. But almost the entire town was deserted and almost everything was closed so there wasn't much to spend money on anyway.


The Mother of All Trips - Joelle, 07/12/02 12:33:12 PM
        Re: The Mother of All Trips - Jeremy Gray, 07/13/02 10:38:08 AM
        Belgians don't like credit cards! nfm - Ian, 07/12/02 05:08:38 PM
                Re: Belgians don't like credit cards! - Dick, 07/14/02 03:10:23 PM
        Re: The Mother of All Trips - Cornelia, 07/12/02 12:53:48 PM
                ATMs - MikeK, 07/12/02 02:38:46 PM
                Nice report Joelle, looking forward to more. nfm - Bob Johnston, 07/12/02 01:31:54 PM

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