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Belgium trip

Posted by Jean H on 07/17/2002 06:26:34 PM

Okay Jeremy, seeing as you asked.... We arrived in Antwerp on Saturday around 2.pm. Afer checking in we went straight to the Beer Passion venue off Meir.Had numerous great beers over a few hours, the ones that stick in the memory are the St. Bernardus Grottenbier,Malheur 6 & 8,Urthel blonde, and a Saison something. About 8pm we headed out to Isola Sarda for a pizza washed down by De Konink. We then had more De Konink at Paters

Vaatje, then headed to Stamineek in Reynder Straat. By then we were pretty tired , so gave up around 10.30 p.m.

On Sunday we decided to head for Flanders.We headed for Poperinge, changing trains at Kortrijk where we spent a pleasant half hour in the Theater bar drinking beer mainly van't vat plus an Orval and a Blanche de Bruges.Once at Poperinge we headed for thr Hotel Palace. This is a lovely old fashioned hotel which has a bottled beer list of about 120 beers, as well as Hommel bier van't vat.

We had a couple of Hommels, then as it was after 2 pm went to seek out lunch. We found the Cafe de la Paix and had an excellent ham & cheese omelette with chips.I t had a small , but interesting beerlist. I had another Grottenbier, plus a Saison Biologique by Du Pont. It was interesting, but I must admit I prefer their regular saison beer.On the way back to the station we popped back into the Palace . This time I had a Malheur 4, then a Zatte Bie. I love the Bie it is full of flavour without tasting too heavy.Next stop was Ieper on the way back to Kortrijk. We went to the Posterie. we immediately noticed how much more expensive this was than Poperinge!I enjoyed my Staffe Hendrick anyway.I couln't believe it though when the proprietor said that if we liked the Malheur Brut (Dave was drinking Malheur 6 again)she sold them at 25 Euros a bottle.We bought one from the Malheur stand at the BP festival for 10 Euros! Unfortunately the last train to Kortrijk is only about 8.30 so we had to head back.On arrival back in Antwerp we headed for Waagstuk. This really is an amazing place. You can have your draft beer in 25 cl, 50cl,1 litre, or 3 litre jugs. I have NEVER seen a 3 litre jug before. One of the draft beers was 11 %, so I suppose theoretically you could have a drink of 3 litres of 11% beer. Idon't think the owner would let you though. Not wise!We spent a pleasant hour or so there before retiring, we would have stayed longer, but our friend John said the folk music was doing his head in. I was rather enjoying it until I started nodding off to sleep.

On Monday we decided to get value from our B-Tourrail ticket and go as far as we possibly could. Bad idea. We ended up in Aachen (yes, Germany) via Liege. It took us hours to get there and the beer was not brilliant. To cap it all the cathedral was covered in scaffolding , so that was waste of time as it was also closed for a service. The beers we had were Dom Kolsch , apretty poor example of the style, Koenig Pils (ditto), and a truly appalling Alt beer from Frankenheim. I think Frankenstein could have engineered a better Alt.We stopped at Leuven on the way back (I can't remember why) and had a nice Italian (penne all' arrabiata)and tried to chill out a bit (it was very hot that day). I seem to remember Barbar going down well.

Tueday I think that was the day we went to Bruges.We started at Garre and worked our way through a couple of beers van't vat, as well as a couple of De Dolle beers (appropriately enough I had the Dulle Teve)

We then had a good wander round this lovely town , taking photos as if they were gi=oing out of fashion.We were headed for the Steffe Hendrik brewery at one point as John wished to see its museum. But going down De Dyver we spotted De Brugs Beirkaai and somehow that seemed like a much better idea. CAMRA member get a free drink on production of their card, so we did and our second beer was free.They do four house beers, including a blonde.I had the blonde and it was very tasty. The strong dark beer they do as an occasional beer their "special cuvee" was their freebie today. I can honestly say it reminded me a bit like a real ale version of McEwan's Export!

After that we went to Brugs Beertje.Despite being the middle of July it was strangely quiet!We only had a couple of bottles each there as the hunger pangs had set in , and it was time to have another pizza.Back to Antwerp and a nightcap again in Paters Vaatje.

Wednesday, our last full day in Belgium we decided to chill and hang out in Antwerp, as we were beginning to feel we needed a holiday by then! We had originally decided to go to Ghent, but soon gave up on that at the thought of another train journey.We went to the Kulmumator in the early afternoon, where we ran into Joris and spent a pleasant time chatting about beer.Shortly after Joris left to return to work we got stuck into the Courage Russian Imperial Stout. My God, this isn't a beer, it's a life altering substance!

Least said about this the better, so as to preserve stocks.

After a late(very late)lunch we headed to Den Dorstvlegl to stock up on beer and glasses.After that it seemed very logical to stroll to the Oud Arsenaal for more beer.

Thursday morning ,time to head for Brussels and home.we only had a little time to do some shopping for gifts,souvenirs etc so believe it or not no beer in Brussels.

So there you have it, that's how my holiday in Belgium went. I have tried to leave most of the boring bits out.

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