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Re: The Mother of All Trips Continued

Posted by DeeDee on 07/19/2002 08:00:23 PM

I love the account of your trip. I almost feel like I'm a part of the action. When my husband and I went to London and Amsterdam for our honeymoon two years we spent a lot of time on the tube so I know what you mean by the "get the hell out of the way" mentality of Londonders of course us New Yorkers have the same ways so we felt right at home. Looking forward to the next installment of your saga.

The Mother of All Trips Continued - Joelle, 07/18/02 02:42:47 PM
        really enjoying this..... - Priscilla Estes, 07/20/02 06:58:31 AM
        Re: The Mother of All Trips Continued - DeeDee, 07/19/02 08:00:23 PM
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        Guess who's getting the American beers for them? - Perkeo, 07/19/02 05:14:01 PM
                Yup... nfm - David Anderson, 07/21/02 09:46:13 PM
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                Re: Cantillon from plastic cups - Joelle, 07/19/02 10:58:32 AM
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                Re: Getting very curious about the rest... - Joelle, 07/19/02 05:47:16 PM

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