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really enjoying this.....

Posted by Priscilla Estes on 07/20/2002 06:58:31 AM

Joelle, I am really enjoying reading your trip report. It was so good to see you and Dan. Man, I even enjoyed talking insurance with you two!

I do have a digital Kroesge photo of you two and Mat--I will send separately.

Hope to see many of you at 24 UUR--we are telling family and friends: NO EUROPEAN VISITS THAT WEEKEND! Many just do not understand about beer. Oh god, what if that's the weekend my 79yearold dad decided to visit after all....well, I dont' know. He did help make Europe safe to drink in.

Looking forward to the next installment, Joelle.

The Mother of All Trips Continued - Joelle, 07/18/02 02:42:47 PM
        really enjoying this..... - Priscilla Estes, 07/20/02 06:58:31 AM
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                Re: Getting very curious about the rest... - Joelle, 07/19/02 05:47:16 PM

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