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Re: Where to go in Namur

Posted by John White on 07/27/2002 04:05:58 AM

Sorry, the previous large posting weas by myself. I have been told that the last entry, Le College, has now got quite a big beer list. Perhaps, you could check it out in October, or can anyone confirm this now?

Where to go in Namur - Mat W, 07/26/02 09:57:32 PM
        Re: Where to go in Namur - Jeremy Gray, 07/27/02 05:21:01 AM
                They're Masochists! nfm - Mat W, 07/28/02 12:19:12 AM
        Re: Where to go in Namur - John White, 07/27/02 04:05:58 AM
        Re: Where to go in Namur - , 07/27/02 04:02:09 AM
                Thanks John. nfm - Mat W, 07/28/02 12:31:25 AM

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