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Re: Where to go in Namur

Posted by Jeremy Gray on 07/27/2002 05:21:01 AM

Mat, the only decent place we found in Namur was La Chapitre, which was fantastic. There were around 40 beers when we were there, more than were on the list when John visited, but its a decent selection and the ambience is superb, making it the sort of place you can while away hours on end.

Pity the rest of Namur isn't as good! BTW, why are your friends visiting Namur anyway?


Where to go in Namur - Mat W, 07/26/02 09:57:32 PM
        Re: Where to go in Namur - Jeremy Gray, 07/27/02 05:21:01 AM
                They're Masochists! nfm - Mat W, 07/28/02 12:19:12 AM
        Re: Where to go in Namur - John White, 07/27/02 04:05:58 AM
        Re: Where to go in Namur - , 07/27/02 04:02:09 AM
                Thanks John. nfm - Mat W, 07/28/02 12:31:25 AM

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