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Re: OT: Spoonerisms

Posted by Mark A on 12/02/2002 12:43:03 PM

Here's an in-depth definition, from a website about word-play. Based on this, your example would be a spoonerism.

"Since Spoonerisms are a phonetic transposition, it is not so much the letters which are swapped as the sounds themselves. Transposing initial consonants in the speed of light gives the leed of spight which is clearly meaningless when written, but phonetically it becomes the lead of spite.

It is not restricted simply to the transposition of individual sounds; whole words or large parts of words may be swapped: to gap the bridge and manahuman soup (to bridge the gap, superhuman man). And sounds within a word may be transposed to form a Spoonerism too, as in crinimal and cerely (criminal, celery). It is not uncommon for Spoonerisms of this type to be created unintentionally."

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