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Brugge Accomodation Picks

Posted by BrianB on 01/04/2003 11:43:48 AM

Hey Folks,

The wife & I are going to be doing an overnight in Brugge in mid March. Searched the archives and I know Jeremy & Cornelia have stayed at a few places there. Looking for a comfotable place close to shopping & beer hunting of course. Also any not to be missed restaurants? It'll be out first time to Bruuge, so thanks for your help.



Brugge Accomodation Picks - BrianB, 01/04/03 11:43:48 AM
        Re: Brugge Accomodation Picks - Gian, 01/04/03 10:05:02 PM
        Re: Brugge Accomodation Picks - Cornelia, 01/04/03 02:30:55 PM
        Re: Brugge Accomodation Picks - Lorenzo Dabove aka Kuaska, 01/04/03 01:57:28 PM
        Hotel Duc de Bourgogne - Kevin, 01/04/03 01:01:42 PM
                Re: Hotel Duc de Bourgogne - Filip Geerts, 01/04/03 01:17:59 PM
                        Thanks for the info guys, Duc de Bourgogne it is!. nfm. - BrianB, 01/04/03 02:40:44 PM

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