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Re: Brugge Accomodation Picks

Posted by Cornelia on 01/04/2003 02:30:55 PM

We've stayed at Erasmus (nice location and rooms fine if a little spartan - be sure and visit even if you don't stay there), Marjan DeGraeve B&B (interesting), De Castillion (very nice but very pricey), and Grand Hotel Oude Burg (modern). I would not hesitate to recommend any of them - each is very different and any one of them may not appeal to you.

The last visit we stayed at the DeGraeve B&B. At about $40 a night, it was unbeatable. The hosts will pick up/drop off at the train station (no extra charge), you have use of the washer/dryer (no extra charge), breakfast is delivered outside your room when you request (you don't have to dress to enjoy your early meal) and there is beer in the refrigerator just outside the door of your room. The bath is shared but there is only one other guest room so it's not really a hardship. It's a 5-10 minute walk to the city center but it's still in Brugge and a very nice walk.

Hope this is helpful.

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