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Trappist Tablets and Frisky Women

Posted by John White on 01/21/2003 03:05:30 PM

Just think how much longer your bill could have been with less people in the car!

In 1991, I got sixteen crates of Abt in my car (Ford Granada) from Westvleteren, with my wife Joyce in the car and luggage for a five night trip!

I always like to tell the story of this first visit to St. Sixtus. After Brother Mattias (who has since died) had helped me fill up my car with the precious crates, I went to pay for them. At the till, I noticed cartons of "Trappist Tablets", which are yeast tablets and thus meant to be good for you, being full of vitamin B. I thought they would look good on my bar at home, so asked that a carton be added to my purchases. In perfect English, Brother Mattias looked towards Joyce, and said: "Don't give your wife any; it will make her too frisky"!

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                Trappist Tablets and Frisky Women - John White, 01/21/03 03:05:30 PM

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