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Re: Brugge and the Gans

Posted by Filip Geerts on 02/17/2003 12:34:09 PM

>>We started at the Ovene where I had a ""light"" beer to start with, a Malheur 12.<<

Hahahaha, that's what I call real BBBurgundian humor Mat! Hahahhahahaha.......

>>BBBourgondier. Both Flipi and myself tried the beer<<

Ok, I admit I was a bit "Flipi" :) after all, they were very strong beers weren't they :-)

>>whereas on mine, the head disappeared almost immediately<<

Mat, I just heard from other people there are other BBBourgondiër beers with the same problem. A total lack of carbonation resulting in a beer without foam and a very flat taste. Well, that's the real proof we're talking about an artisanal beer here. And.......Mat praise yourself lucky. You had the very last bottle of BBBourgondiër. All is sold out now at 't Brugs Beertje. The same now at the brewery !! Mat, sorry we were a bit late that evening but that's just because the "Valentine !!!"-menu at new Bruges' restaurant "Pili-Pili" (owned by former bartender from 't Brugs Beertje Tom) was such a delight........

Nice write-up Mat. Waiting for the Brussels experience...........


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