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Pastahouse Pili Pili

Posted by Filip Geerts on 02/17/2003 03:03:41 PM

John, this is a brand new "pasta-house" located at Hoogstraat just opposite one of the most cosiest pubs of Brugge: De Kluiver. Only 15 kinds of beers like Duvel, Brugse Tripel, Westmalle, etc... No beerpub indeed and this has never been the intention. Tom has installed a very modern restaurant where you can eat the most delicious pastas like Spagetti Bolognese, Spagetti from the house (with a long small red pili-pili on top - remarkably eatable ;^), Tagliatelli Carbonara, etc..etc... Yes, this is more kind of eating place and no drinking place indeed.


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