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Beer travelling in Belgium(long post)

Posted by Matt Dinges on 02/23/2003 10:27:40 AM

Hello folks!

A kindly fellow homebrewer pointed me to this site, as I'm trying to "plan" my trip to Belgium and HOlland at the end of March.

I have visited the countries before, staying in Brussels in1998 for a few days, I found the bier circus, and visited Bruge and ANtwerp, but I wasn't a homebrewer then, just a 22year old finding out how incredible beer can be!

This is the rough plan this time: Fly into Brussels, spend the night, spending most of that time at Bier Circus...Does anybody know if that guy's dog is still around? He was a good pal to me last time I was there.

Then we(girlfriend and I) rent a car and head to the Ardennes. We will stay in Leige the first night, possibly two. I'm not sure what's around there yet, but we may also go over to Maastricht. We also like to hike, so any suggestions on trails in the Ardennes?

If it isn't two nights in Liege, the second might be in Spa(girlfriend!).

From there we would head to the southern part where there is La Chouffe, Fantome, Orval, and Rochefort. All of which I would like to visit in some capacity(I've never drank Fantome or Rochefort beers). Lodging for that time is up in the air. While we don't want to spend a LOT of money, this is a time where we could splurge a little on something more than a pension-type place. We were looking around Boullion maybe. Another 2 nights in this area probably.

ANy suggestions on the breweries, something I missed, or lodgings for that area?

After that we return the car to Brussels and visit Cantillon, stay the night in Brussels, then head to Brugge via train for a day and night.

After that we will stay most likely in Haarlem for two nights, making the excursion into AMsterdam.

Then unfortunately it will be time to return to Nebraska.

I know that there is a ton to cover here, but any suggestions would be greatly appreciated whether they relate to a place to dine, drink, hike, sleep, whatever...




Lincoln, NE

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