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Re: Beer travelling in Belgium(long post)

Posted by Jeremy Gray on 02/23/2003 12:23:51 PM

Hi Matt, and welcome. Just a couple of ideas: for great places to stay in the south of Luxembourg province, check these two out:

Prieure de Conques - near Florenville, an excellent base for Orval. This place is in the middle of nowhere, does very highly rated cooking, and has a nice little bar. The garden goes right down to the Semois river and its in an incredibly scenic area:


Then if you want to stay in Bouillon and splash out a little try the Hotel de la Poste, right in the centre:


Looks like you can no longer book online via the site I've given you the link to, but you will get the idea and I'm sure you'll find some way to book it. Top hotel, very luxurious - ask for the rooms with the jacuzzi.

Fantome is the best bet for a brewery visit of the Wallonian breweries that you have mentioned, but make sure Dany will be there before you head over there. You won't get into Rochefort unless you have exceptional contacts, i.e. God, or Cesare.

No idea what dog you are talking about re: the Bier Circus. However I will be interested to hear how you find the BC now compared to four years ago......

I am reliably informed that Maastricht is very pleasant, and that Liege may or may not be a dump - but I plan to do a day trip to Liege in May to find out for myself. However, I certainly wouldn't prioritise staying there ahead of little gems like Bouillon.

If you're going to West Flanders, definitely consider a night at the amazing B & B at the St Bernardus brewery in Watou - you will not regret it.

Hope this helps



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