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De Pikardijn (a Top 10 Belgian Beerpub)

Posted by Filip Geerts on 02/25/2003 05:39:09 AM

This is truely a top-10 Belgian Beerpub. Before attending the BSF meeting we visited this pub coz it was straight on the way to Liedekercke. And I had to take a pic for the BBPM. This cozy beerpub is locate very near Sint Lievens Houtem in a rural hilly nature environment very popular amongst walking-tourists. Going towards the entrance we noticed a cozy front garden with wooden tables and ditto chairs. Must be "the" place to visit at summertime. Entering the pub we discovered a whole range of old breweriana decorating the interior. Old candlelights, old bottles, old commercial plates, wooden barrels, etc.. The whole pub is devided into 5-6 small places filled with very small old wooden tables. The open fire made this pub also very cozy. At the back there is a covered terrace also decorated with old breweriana an filled with those beautiful small tables. The terrace has plants everywhere. In fact the wall is practically totally covered with hanging plants. this gives the terrace some very exotic appearance. 220 different beers available nicely put (with picture of the label) into the menu book. Prices are not expensive but not cheap too. Just in between. The housebeer is called Pikardijntje and is 6.5% strong. Light amber unfiltered, bottled (25cl or 75cl) with refermentation and brewed at Dupont. It had a nice fruity,spicy taste. Yes, a good starter. It seems that this place can be recommended for eating there. The menu revealed democratic prices and observating the food delivered to guests was a feast for the eye. Our Croque-Monsieur was delicious. Two Croque-monsieurs in fact accompanied with a rich mixed salade. Yes, I can everybody recommend this place. It has everything to be a top-10 beery place.


Outside on front of the pub: http://users.pandora.be/filip.geerts/bbb/pikardijnoutside.jpg

One of the small rooms: http://users.pandora.be/filip.geerts/bbb/pikardijninside.jpg

The beautiful decorated bar: http://users.pandora.be/filip.geerts/bbb/pikardijnbar.jpg

The menu book which has from every bottle a label as illustration !: http://users.pandora.be/filip.geerts/bbb/pikardijnmenu.jpg

Breweriana like this Fantôme commercial "La Bière Fantôme est ici !": http://users.pandora.be/filip.geerts/bbb/pikardijnfantome.jpg

A beautiful collection of old/rare bottles which you can notice when you're outside the bar at the right side of the entrance: http://users.pandora.be/filip.geerts/bbb/pikardijnbottles.jpg


De Pikardijn (a Top 10 Belgian Beerpub) - Filip Geerts, 02/25/03 05:39:09 AM
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