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Re: Belgian Days Serial-- Episode II

Posted by Jeremy Gray on 04/10/2003 08:53:35 AM

Wow, lots to comment on - thanks again for doing the write up Matt. Its great to see someone else doing a proper trip round the Ardennes, it really is a fantastic place to explore, and you have obviously done well with teasing out some of the best bits.

Anyway, first up - the Stop. No way were you at the famous Stop if you found it on the way from Fantome to Houfallize. The famous Stop in Suxy is right in Suxy, not anywhere called Nadrin. Suxy is way down south not far from Orval; Fantome and Houfalllize are miles away, so I doubt that you were actually where you think you were. Did the place you were in have stuffed animals hanging from several of the walls?

I completely disagree about Durbuy! The town is small and touristy but in my view its still well worth a quick visit. And I really like La Ferme au Chene, and I also think Dany is really undersellling himself - the Marckloff is an excellent beer with very different characteristics to Fantome beers, that is well worth checking out.

Sorry you didn't find Priere du Conques open, but I am very pleased someone else has at last seen the place - what a stunning setting. I will definitely be back at this one.

Can't understand the Poste in Bouillon having a substandard room - the room we had there was amazingly high quality.

The bar you were in in Bouillon is the Vielle Ardennes, one I like a lot which has a good cosy local feel to it, and a decent range of beers. Brutz closed a few years ago now. Pity the Marche de Natalie was closed, that's a good shop/brewery.

Anyway, thanks again for your notes and good to hear you had a good trip.



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