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Re: Belgium Help? - Antwerpen

Posted by John Sturm on 04/25/2003 10:48:41 AM

On my first trip to Belgium I spent one night in Antwerp, 2 nights in Brugge and a few hours in Gent (hopped on the train from Antwerpen to Brugge) and Brussels (to catch a train to Prague). I was so impressed that the following year I spent two weeks in Belgium alone, some in Flanders, some in Wallonia. On that second trip we opted to skip Antwerp because we were not that "impressed." However, also on the second trip, we hopped off the train in Antwerp to purchase an engagement ring (romantic, eh?). Just walking from CS to Diamondland (a scant few blocks) I was saying to myself, and my bride to be, "what the hell were we thinking?" Ever since I have always stopped for a least a day or two in Antwerp. In the end my point is that while I can understand JoeS' reaction I also must whole heartedly agree with Jeremy that Antwerp is not a place to blow off!



p.s. I gotta add this. On a trip about 4 years ago a friend and I "whirlwinded" thru Belgium on our way to a wedding in France. We spent a day each in Brussels, Brugge, Antwerp and Beersel (in that order). While my friend found Brugge to be a beautiful town he commented on our arrival in Antwerp that it was good to be in a "real city." Brugge, in spite of and perhaps because of, all it's beauty, seemed a bit fantasty like, while the grit and reality of Antwerp was a welcome suprise to him. Different strokes...

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