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A day trip to Payottenland (part one)

Posted by Jeremy Gray on 08/29/2003 09:52:18 AM

Not surprisingly, I had a great day in Belgium yesterday. Of course, a Eurostar day is not exactly a full day, and thanks to lousy train timings, even taking the first train over and the last train back gives you little over 8 hours in Belgium. Hence, there was the usual problem of too much to do, and too little time to do it in. Anyway, despite this, I still managed to visit four towns, (one of them three times), get another five Bob H ticks, visit several other bars, one brewery, two shops, bump into a famous brewer and get an impromptu tour round some of the best sights in Beersel!

So, after getting up at a quarter to five, I was in Waterloo for just after 6 and the train left on time at 0653, arriving at Midi just five minutes late. As I was first off the train and through passport control, I was able to get, as planned, the 1049 to Lembeek and was sitting comfortably in my first bar, the Kring, drinking draught Boon Kriek by 1117. Life should contain more Thursday mornings like this, I thought as I sat there in this lovely bar looking out the door at the rain pouring down in this sleepy Payottenland village, wondering just what the locals made of this guy wandering in and enthusiastically tucking into some local kriek first thing in the morning.

My free beer was another Boon, so I took a gueuze, but as the trains were only one an hour from Lembeek, and as I had a busy schedule, I wanted to make the 1148 back to Halle, so it was two beers in 22 minutes for me, before I quickly thanked the owner, had a brief chat, promised to come back and ran for the train. While I’d have loved to have stayed longer, this swift departure was to prove extremely fortuitous…….

A day trip to Payottenland (part one) - Jeremy Gray, 08/29/03 09:52:18 AM

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