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A day trip to Payottenland and around (part three)

Posted by Jeremy Gray on 08/29/2003 10:46:27 AM

Back in Halle this time I went straight for my Bob tick in Cambrinus, which is a lovely bar with a decent list of about 60 beers, including the 3 Westvleterens. The owner is extremely friendly and again I was sad that I didnít have more time. A quick walk to the Grote Markt, calling into a couple of other bars, was all I had time for, before heading to the train again and this time going to Geraardsbergen, a half hour away just into East Flanders.

I had just under two hours in Geraardsbergen Ė a bustling little town with a number of good bars, firstly I visited Presse in the Grote Markt Ė one of the more unusual Grote Markts not least as its half way up a hill and is all funny angles. Anyway, Presse is a decent locals bar, its talking point is the amazing collection of empty bottles which runs all down one of the back walls.

From here it was back to the square near the station Ė via a handy shoe shop which sells teddy bears, so that was Theresaís present sorted out (imagine if Iíd turned up back at home with 6 x 75cl bottles of gueuze and two gueuze glasses for me, and no teddy bearÖ..bloodshed). Next stop was a bar called Saf, which has about 200 beers on a decent list, dominated by abbey beers. Itís a good bar, though not a classic, and I enjoyed a couple of beers, a refreshing Quintine (quite local for this neck of the woods) and my free beer, St Adriaans donker from Van Steenberge.

The train schedule left me just enough time for a third visit of the day to Halle, for a quick De Koninck Gueuze (thanks Podge for the tip) in Met, another excellent little locals boozer right on the Grote Markt in Halle.

In case anyone thinks Iím mad, the reason for the three trips to Halle is that itís a bit of a train system hub, so if you want to go to Lembeek or Beersel on the train, you have to go through Halle first. Anyway, at only 10 minutes south of Brussels Midi, itís a very accessible place, but more importantly its an excellent drinking town that I will definitely return to. And its got that fab little shop.

Running back to Halle station, I just made the 1910 train to Midi, which thankfully was on time, giving me 6 minutes spare till check in just before half past.

The return train left on time at 1957 and I was home, knackered but very happy, by 11 after a wonderful, whirlwind day.



A day trip to Payottenland and around (part three) - Jeremy Gray, 08/29/03 10:46:27 AM
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