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Re: Advice on Brussels please

Posted by BelgianBeers on 09/26/2003 05:08:33 AM

If you have the time, and can get around, you could try the Rare Vos in the town of Schepdaal, just to the west of Brussels. A classic pajottenland lambic café, and their food is as tasty as it gets in the "classic Belgian cuisine" department. It's basically a bar, so jacket and tie are definitely not required (and would in fact earn you odd looks). Each weekend they do additional dishes around a theme, and I think the weekend of 5 October the theme will be beer cuisine.

In Brussels itself you could go to the university neighborhood (Ixelles commune) and try La Mirabelle (459 Chaussée de Boondael): good honest cuisine at affordable prices with quite a number of Belgian classics on the menu.

A little more upscale, but still no tie requirement is the "trendy" and very centrally located Belga Queen at 32 Rue fossé aux loups. Opinions on the food differ (what I had there was always good to very good), but it's worth the visit for the surroundings alone. They do quite some original interpretations of Belgian classics, plus beer cuisine, plus a "beer tasters' menu" with matching beers, plus they have a decent beer list. More expensive than the previous suggestions, though (the beer tasters' menu is good value for money at around €40 for four courses plus sampling glasses of matching beers).

There's plenty of other great places to eat in Brussels. As long as you stay clear of the tourist traps around the Grande Place and especially in Rue des Bouchers, you should be OK. If you want you can check out www.resto.be. You'll find most Brussels restaurants there with an indication of the type of cuisine, as well as comments by patrons and ratings (to be taking with a pinch of salt of course).

Have fun!

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