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Re: Drinking in Brussels

Posted by MikeK on 09/29/2003 11:47:29 AM

Too bad about Lop Lop. It wasn't my fave bar by any means but was the best selection close to the GP.

I've always thought that Tim webb underrates Imaige de Nostre Dame. I've always found something interesting to drink there (albeit not exotic) from a list of 50ish? Last time they had Malheur 10 on draft. I has the best selection of the bars in your last paragraph.

My last visit to Porte Noir came on a Friday night when it was packed, and quite smokey, and we wound up sitting in the very last vaulted room. But it is one of my favorite Brussels bars, both for selection and atmosphere.

Good of you to get the addresses. I didn't have Webb in hand when I sent my note.


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