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Re: Drinking in Brussels

Posted by Mark A on 09/29/2003 11:53:17 AM

"Also worth a visit is Le Toone (off 21 Petit Rude Des Bouchers), a lovely old wooden bar which is in a working puppet theatre. Difficult to find up a blind alley in amongst all the fish markets, but worth a trip. Has Cantillon, a good range of Trappists and the not often found Kwak on tap."

This is one of those places that sound really stupid until you actually see it. A puppet bar?! But the puppets are actually marrionettes that are about 1/2 life-size, the productions they put on are full-on operas like Pagliacci, the beer is great, and the decor includes lots of wood carvings, like a wooden pig suspended from the ceiling by a rope of wooden sausage links. Not a match for Bier Circus or Port Noir in terms of beer, but a really cool place and in such an odd location that it's fun just finding it.

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