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Great report but......

Posted by Phil W on 11/11/2003 09:42:22 AM

I'm shocked that you would even go near a place called Arsenal!

I have to get to Antwerp soon!

Antwerp Bob Hendrickx (and other) cafes - Jeremy Gray, 11/10/03 02:51:05 PM
        Great report but...... - Phil W, 11/11/03 09:42:22 AM
                Get your Spurs on to the Old Arsenal - John White, 11/11/03 11:05:16 AM
                        Re: Get your Spurs on to the Old Arsenal - Jeremy Gray, 11/11/03 05:39:45 PM
        Forgive my ignorance. What's a stemple? NFM - Rich Link, 11/10/03 07:48:38 PM
                Re: Forgive my ignorance. What's a stemple? - Jeremy Gray, 11/11/03 02:21:13 AM
                        It's "stempel", as Jeremy wrote first time. nfm - Joris P., 11/11/03 03:59:42 AM
                                Should have paid more attention I guess. NMF, er, NFM - Rich Link, 11/11/03 09:00:00 PM

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