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Amsterdam & Belgium - Part 3

Posted by Rich Link on 11/20/2003 07:52:40 PM

Thanks for reading. I know some of this is a bit boring. It will pick up. Hang in there.

=May 18 The Keurkenhof and seeing the Laskins off at Schiphol=

The Laskins had a car, so we did some driving down south of Haarlem, with the intent of seeing great fields of flowers. After a couple of navigational errors, we eventually found our way to the Keurkenhof, a Disneyland of sorts, full of every variety of tulip that you can imagine. It was very nice, but I was WUPT. Stopped for a Leffe Bruin before we walked out the gates. It was okay, but I needed better and more.

Then we drove to Schiphol, got rid of the car, and hung out with the Laskins until their flights left. Paul was flying to New York, while Mary and Erin were going to Heathrow. In addition to a nice lunch, we quenched our thirsts with Wieckse Witte and DeKonninck. Both were very refreshing. But, I needed better and more.

After seeing the Laskins off on their respective flights, Teresa and I hopped back on the train to Haarlem, then walked to the Melkwoud. A nice locals pub with a fine later of sand on the floor, and a familiar aroma in the air. Reminded me of concerts in the 70's and 80's.

We started off with Rodenbach, slight tang, and tobacco flavors, a bit disappointing (Palm?); and Rodenbach Grand Cru, very nice tang, but still seemed a bit off. Decided to pick things up a bit with Rochefort 10, awesome spiciness; and Westmalle Tripel, very full-bodied and slightly yeasty finish. Finished up with Boolenstreek Ale from the small Klein Duimpje brewery in Hillegom. A spicy, peppery ale, with a sweet malt finish.

Off to dinner, but stopped for an aperitif at Proelokaal, a smart pub with a great list of gins, and a fair beer list. Started with Jopen Hoppenbier, a malty-sweet beer with wheat overtones and mild hops. Also tried Brand Meibok, very smooth and clean, with good body, caramel, and a dry hop finish on the tongue. Threw in a couple of Jenevers Oude Jenever Rutte, very clear and smooth, with little flavor; and Oude Jenever de Ooirvaar, with aromas and flavors of fruitcake and oranges, with full body, some bite, and a full flavor.

Walked around the block and found a nice little restaurant where we had a great meal, and some wine.

In Part 4, we go to Ghent.



Amsterdam & Belgium - Part 3 - Rich Link, 11/20/03 07:52:40 PM
        Needed better and more - Bob Johnston, 11/20/03 07:55:57 PM
                Re: Needed better and more - Jeremy Gray, 11/21/03 04:51:35 PM
                More interesting things to come once we get the Ghent. NFM - Rich Link, 11/21/03 10:59:18 AM
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                        WUPT has become a mantra. NFM - Rich Link, 11/21/03 10:58:35 AM

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