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Amsterdam & Belgium - Part 4 - Traveling to Ghent

Posted by Rich Link on 11/21/2003 07:41:19 PM

=May 19 – Leaving Haarlem for Ghent=

WUPT at the Haarlem train station, had about 45 minutes to wait for the 11:28 train to Den Haag, Antwerp and Ghent. Bought a can of Heineken to ease the thirst. That’s all I can say about that.

Decided to get off at the Dampoort Station in Ghent, since it is closer to the city center. However, there is no taxi stand, so we had to call for one. This wasn’t a huge problem, but it was an inconvenience. (When we left Ghent we left out of St. Pieter’s Station, which had lots of taxis waiting for fares.) We didn’t wait too long, and eventually got to our hotel. The Erasmus is just a five minute walk from the Grote Markt, and it looked pretty good on the Internet site. The room was amazing! Huge and well furnished, with 16 foot ceilings, chairs, a dining table and a fridge with Westmalle and Hoegaarden.

After a quick freshening up and WUPT, we headed to Het Waterhuis aan de Bierkart, a cozy pub on the canal. In the mood for something tangy, we ordered Drie Fonteinen Oude Geueze, great tang!; and Girardin Gueuze, which was also quite tangy, but had a fuller body than DF.

Not wanting to get too sloshed, we went out for a walk to get the lay of the land. In a bit of a rainstorm, I got my bearings all mixed up. We wandered for nearly an hour before Teresa said, “There’s the train station”. I couldn’t believe that it could be true, but it was Dampoort. At least I knew exactly where we were now, and having WUPT of enormous proportions headed directly to Dulle Griet. Teresa ordered one of her all-time favorites, Duchesse de Bourgogne, pronounced tangy flavor with a touch of diacetyl. I ordered Gentse Tripel, which was dry, gassy, but thirst quenching.

We headed back to the room to freshen up and get ready for dinner. We went to Jan Boorlut near the Korenmarkt. We started with Haacht Witbier, very lively, with a dense foamy head, light body, with good citrus and spice; and Tongerlo Tripel, crisp malt, clean, and alcohol warming. I then had a Duvel with the Waterzooi – a great combination.

Traveling and spending an hour lost in the rain made us turn in early this night.

Tomorrow - Day 2 in Ghent

Amsterdam & Belgium - Part 4 - Traveling to Ghent - Rich Link, 11/21/03 07:41:19 PM
        Re: Amsterdam & Belgium - Part 4 - Traveling to Ghent - Jeremy Gray, 11/22/03 12:04:47 PM
                Re: Amsterdam & Belgium - Part 4 - Traveling to Ghent - Rich Link, 11/23/03 12:22:28 PM
        I'd rather drink mineral water than Heineken! ..nfm - Ian, 11/22/03 09:16:06 AM
                Re: I'd rather drink mineral water than Heineken! ..nfm - Rich Link, 11/22/03 11:07:01 AM

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