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Amsterdam & Belgium - Part 7 - More fun in Brugge

Posted by Rich Link on 11/25/2003 10:05:32 PM

May 22 – More Brugge fun:

After a lively breakfast with a man from Germany and a couple from Ireland, we decided to do some laundry. We then headed back to the room and feasted on the goods we had gotten at the Markt the day before. We accompanied this feast with a couple of bottles of Duchesse de Bourgogne.

After that, big time WUPT, and we headed for Dickie’s, a fairly new pub by the Fridajmarkt. Pater Lieven Blond had a dense head, straw color, light hop and malt nose, and a little bit of skunkiness. La Chouffe on tap had citrus aromas, spicy flavors and lingering bitterness. Then Pater Lieven Bruin, with a very dense head, roasty malt flavors, and metallic bite; Brugs Tarwebier with pepper aroma and flavor, along with pronounced refreshing wheat flavor and a peppery finish. Dickie, the pub dog, seemed interested in us, but never got close enough to allow us to scratch his head.

Did a little shopping (WUPT!!) and made our way to ‘t Bruges Beertje. I had a hankering for De Ranke’s XX Bitter, the intensely dry and hoppy ale, with a light bret finish. Teresa had Hanssen’s Oude Kriek, dry, tart and very strong cherry flavors. Then we tried a couple from DeRegenboog: Wostyntje Mosterdbier, made with mustard seeds, was fruity, yeasty and gassy, dark amber, slightly sweet, but with a medium dry finish. ‘t Smisje Sleedorn Bier 6%, with sloeberries, fruity and tart dry aromas, gassy, and a body like early homebrew (dry yeast). Fortunately, during our visit, nobody in the front room was smoking. At Chuck Cook’s direction, I had brought a copy of The Celebrator (April/May 2003), with his article on the 20th anniversary of ‘t Bruges Beertje. Daisy was quite happy to receive this, and gave us a stuffed Bruges Beertje in return.

Did some more shopping, then made reservations for dinner at Den Dyver for the following night. Then to D’Zolder. We stumbled into this cellar pub on our second visit to Brugge in 2000. It has become one of our favorites. It’s never been too crowded or smoky, and the beer list is very nice. We tried Passendale, worty, husky malt aromas, malty-sweet, but dry finish. Gulden Draak on tap, sweet and alcoholic, raisins, dark malts, soft finish and very full-bodied. Then another from De Regenboog, ‘t Smisje Dubbel 9%, yeast and hop aromas, unfiltered, deep amber color, malty-sweet yet dry finish. Then we noticed Vichtenaar, a beer from Verhaege, brewers of Duchesse de Bourgogne. We had to try it. It had a full body, with great sour aromas and flavors. It was excellent! One of our new favorites. We decided to come back the next day to try it side by side with the Duchesse

Amsterdam & Belgium - Part 7 - More fun in Brugge - Rich Link, 11/25/03 10:05:32 PM
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