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Amsterdam & Belgium - Part 1 - Teresa Drives, Pedestrians in Terror!

Posted by Rich Link on 12/07/2003 06:54:44 PM

May 30 – Teresa Drives, pedestrians beware!

After the trials we experienced the day before, we decided it would be better if I read the map and Teresa drove. This was a very good decision. The drive that took 90 minutes the day before, took 20 minutes today, and we still made a wrong turn or two. One great moment came when we needed to make a left turn across the great wide circle avenue that goes around Brussels. Teresa was trying to make the turn before an oncoming bus entered the intersection, she gunned it a bit as I said, “watch out for that lady”, who was just entering the crosswalk, and was in harm’s way. As Teresa turned the wheel and made it clear she was not going to stop, I yelled, “WATCH OUT FOR THAT LADY!” The little lady wearing a shawl, high-stepped it out of the way just in time, and we finished our turn just in front of the oncoming bus. The vision of that little old lady jumping for her life gave us quite a laugh, and still does whenever we think of it.

After dumping off the car we made our way to the train station, then back to Grand Place, then to Mort Subite. I like Mort Subite. The pub is quite nice, and the beers are reasonably tasty. We got a seat in the non-smoking section near the door and ordered Gueze and Kriek. The gueze was warm, lively and sweetish. The kriek had great cherry aroma, little flavor, but was cold and refreshing. Again, this day was quite warm. In the mid 90’s. Teresa ordered “Women’s Toast”, and I had a ham and cheese omelet. It was a nice visit.

We then took off for the Bier Circus, fingers crossed, in hopes that it would not be closed. Voila! It was open! We started off with Queue de Charrus (The Plough), a 5.4% sweetish bruin from Verhaege. Similar to the Duchesse, but not as sour as Vichtenaar. I had Cantillon Grand Cru 1999. This three year old lambic was very smooth, very flat, and nicely tart and dry.

For the second round, it was Liefman’s Gouden Band, sweetish, not very pleasing; and La Vieille Salme by D’Achouffe. I hadn’t heard of this beer, so I gave it a try. At 8.3%, it was spicy, dry, hoppy, “tripelish”, and very nice. It was an abbreviated stay at the Circus, and we tromped through the city shopping for souvenirs, of which we found few.

A pleasant dinner at L’Argent Truit, the restaurant adjacent to Hotel Welcome, and our trip was pretty much complete.

Tomorrow - Flying home (please don't let it be as bad as it was coming here)

Amsterdam & Belgium - Part 1 - Teresa Drives, Pedestrians in Terror! - Rich Link, 12/07/03 06:54:44 PM
        Part 15 Actually - NFM - Rich Link, 12/08/03 10:39:38 AM

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