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Amsterdam & Belgium - Part 16- Coming Home

Posted by Rich Link on 12/08/2003 07:56:24 PM

May 31 – Coming Home

Coming home is always bittersweet. We hate leaving, but we so look forward to sleeping in our own bed with our rectangular pillows (why the small square pillows in Europe?), using our large bath towels (why such small towels in Europe?), air conditioning, and carne asada burritos.

At the airport, an interesting thing happened. As we were walking out to our gate, we noticed that an American Airlines plane was heavily engulfed in smoke. Fire trucks swarmed, and passengers evacuated. It turns out that it was the 11AM flight to Chicago, the flight we were going to take until I switched to United. Whew!

The flights home were fairly uneventful, except for delays on the tarmac at Dulles due to thunderstorms. We got home, got some Mexican food, and had a great night’s sleep. In my mind, I was already planning my next trip to Belgium

Here are some links or contact info for the places we stayed:





Watou 't Brouwershuis Trappistenweg 23 Tel 32-57-38-80-21 fax32-57-38-88-60

Brugge Gheeraert Riddersstraat 9 32-50-335627 32-50-345201

Amsterdam & Belgium - Part 16- Coming Home - Rich Link, 12/08/03 07:56:24 PM

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