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Kerstbiefestival-behind the scenes-part 2- the beerlist-Jan's trips

Posted by Gunter aka March on 01/05/2004 06:15:42 PM

With all things happening in my life i'd almost completely forgot to post the next part of the "Behind the scenes" report on the kerstbierfestival. Still have one night before this new little guy will mess up my entire computer addiction-So here it is-

part 2: Getting the beer list together: Jan's trips

First step is to run through last years list. What is still being brewed, what is left from last year, are there new beers? After a first meeting we have a first draft to work with. Some of them will be deleted, and as usual, some new rarities show up during the next weeks, as we contact all brewers. Some beers have a nice story before they arrive at the fest. As De Regenboog's 't Smisje Kerst. A short "Gunter, Is Ďt Smisje Kerst on your list? nfm" -message by brewer Johan B on the Babble Belt, got my attention. So I contacted him to investigate the availability of his Christmas beerí. We were lucky, and he even had a keg. I got in touch with Jan Van Bragt, our main beer spotter, so he could make arrangements with Johan. Later Jan told me Johan said at first he had no beer available, just until Jan mentioned my name! Funny detail: When Herman got to Brugge on Dec. 6 to pick up the beer, Johan had written my name on the receipt! Being a babbler seems to open doors! Thanks again Johan and Babble Belt!

Jan (-Machiel) Van Bragt toured around big time this year: more than 1800km in 6 days, with always a nice welcome and some news at the breweries. On November 28 he went to Br. De Landtsheer: private brewery tour and tasting of the Malheur 6, 12 en Dark Brut. In the evening to l'Abbaye des Rocs in Montignies sur Roc, picking up magnum bottles and a keg Speciale NoŽl at Dolores'. The next day to France , to a wholesaler in Hautmont, to pick up Leffe de Noel that we reserved at the Interbrew brewery in ArmentiŤres. Usually they never do reservations like that. Mind you: this beer was brewed in Leuven, Belgium and then completely exported to France. At Mortals Beers in Jamaigne he approved and took home the new Christmas Mortal, and had a tour around the new brewery. Aperitif at Olivier Brisbois' from the "Confrerie du Busson" for the Li Berwette di NoyŤ (NoyŤ is Walloon slang for NoŽl)

On the way back a stop at Le Brasse-Temps in Louvain-la Neuve to sip from the Bush Prestige, but the place was closed. Another trip to Br. De Schuur in Linden near Leuven, Brewery Fantome in Soy and Br. Ecaussinnes, where they told him they would have a blond Christmas beer ready at the end of the week! Another exclusive scoop!

On the last Thursday before the fest another trip, to get the Slaghmuylder's kerstbier, Crombť from Zottegem, and at around 9.15AM a tasting Bush Prestige, right from the 1000l cask. There are probably worse things to doÖ He also brought 75 cl bottles of Bush de NoŽl, refermented in the bottles, unlike the smaller ones.

On his return he stopped at beer shop Geers in Oostakker, where he found another exclusive beer : Blanche de Noel from Abbaye des Rocs, a special brew, for export to the USA.

next report will be coming from between dipers and baby oil: Gerard's tour to the South



Kerstbiefestival-behind the scenes-part 2- the beerlist-Jan's trips - Gunter aka March, 01/05/04 06:15:42 PM
        Re: Kerstbiefestival-behind the scenes-part 2- the beerlist-Jan's trips - Jeremy Gray, 01/06/04 04:37:10 PM

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