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OT: Brussels walking tour book

Posted by MikeK on 02/03/2004 11:23:26 AM

For those who like to wander around cities in between beers, I just purchased a book titled Brussels for Pleasure Thirteen Walks through the Historic City by Derek Blyth, 2003 Pallas Athene London. It does not have a great deal of info about beer but it does have a great deal of info about the city. There are number of walks in the central part of the city as well as a few further afield. I got it from Edward R. Hamilton Bookseller who sends out a newspaper style discount book catalog. They also have a web site EdwardRHamilton.com. The Brussels book cost $5.95, Originally 15. They also have Stephen Beaumont's Premium Beer Drinkers Guide at $4.95. Quantities may be limited.


OT: Brussels walking tour book - MikeK, 02/03/04 11:23:26 AM
        Re: OT: Brussels walking tour book - podge, 02/03/04 01:15:30 PM

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