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Re: Brussels Hotel Question for the Babblers

Posted by John White on 02/17/2004 02:52:39 PM

The following is a nice hotel, just about the nearest one to Le Bier Circus; the description is from my downloadable guide to Brussels:

Hotel du Congrés 40 44, rue du Congrés (Congresstraat), tel 02 217 18 90, http://www.hotelducongres.com. Nearest Metro "Madou"

Need one say more about this hotel's location other than that rue de l'Enseignement, Le Bier Circus's street, joins the hotel's street, almost diagonally opposite it. Well yes, one can, the Madou Metro station, on line 2, is very close by, on the Eastern edge of the Petit Ring. From the hotel, it is a quick and interesting walk to the city centre. One passes, for example, the city's impressive St. Michael & St Gudule Cathedral (** in Michelin Guide out of maximum three). It is quite close to the city's main museum complex (***), see above, the Parc de Bruxelles (*), and to one of the city's three main railway stations, the Gare Centrale (Centraalstation).

If you do not fancy walking up the hill from the city centre to get to the hotel, the bus stop named "Congrés" (Kongres) for the 29 and 63 buses is near the hotel, on its street, towards the impressive column, the Colonne du Congrés (Congreszuil), which celebrates the National Congress that produced the Belgian Constitution soon after the break from The Netherlands in 1830. Here, there is also the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier (Soldat Inconnu, Onbekende Soldaat), and beyond a good view of the city below. The 29 and 63 buses have direction indicators Hof-Ten-Berg and Maes respectively, De Brouckere and Machtens being in the opposite direction. In the city, the buses go from the rue du Marché aux Herbes (Grasmarkt), which is close to the Grand' Place, via the Gare Centrale to the Madou Metro station. The hotel is passed on the left just before Madou.. There is an AXA Cash Machine (ATM) near the Congrés bus stop and a "BK CP CPI Bank" one, close to the corner of the Boulevard du Régent (Regentlaan) part of the Petit Ring, which is passed close by, en route to the Madou Metro station.

The seventy-room hotel is made up of four renovated, 19th Century town houses. In parts, it is quite elegant, and modern touches have been very well blended with the old. There is a superb fireplace in a most pleasant seating area near the breakfast room. Note that the hotel is cheaper and easier to get in, in, say August, when Parliament is not meeting, than in, say, October.

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