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A day in Brussels

Posted by David Anderson on 03/05/2004 06:08:12 AM

Spent a magnificent day in Brussels with Joris and Lorenzo - guess what we did?... We met up in the Grand Place a bit before noon and decided to start the day off with a trip to the Bier Circus for some liquid nourishment. (Since I'm not much of a note taker, Joris and Lorenzo will have to fill in some of the blanks.) We shared a bottle of a specially-commissioned Bier Circus 7% amber and a bottle of La Moneuse to brighten a somewhat dreary sky.

From there we treked to Restobières - let me state for the record this is one place you do not want to miss on your Brussels' visit. Alain, a most genereous and gracious host, greeted us and went to work on a fantastic, multi-course lunch that I will never forget. We had a starter of paté, followed by monk-fish and asparagus in a coarse-ground mustard sauce. Next, a deliciously roasted rack of pork with a sauce (not sure of its composition) and what I thought were mashed Brussels sprouts and veggies. (Ask Lorenzo about the "special dish" that Alain preparped for him.) And to cap it off, what I can only describe as a "hot moussé" made with egg yolks, sugar and kriek, whipped together over a flame; quite an appropriate finish. I believe each dish was prepared with beer - I'm not sure which was used for each though. Of course we had many fine beers to accompany this meal - gueze from Oud Beersel, Drie Fonteinen (1998) and some beer from Phillipe Emmerechts (not sure of the spelling), from his 80-liter brew system - quite nice. The ambiance was superb and the decor quite nice with collection of old chocolate tins, old beer bottles and coffee/spice mills adorning the walls.

Next on the day's journey was a stop at Delirium Cafe. We piled into Alain's car and went to see about the 2000 beer claim. A nice, spacious bar with those ubiquitos pink elephants hanging from the ceiling. We did some mining through the beer list and each beer we ordered was in stock, so no disappointments there. I would also recommend this bar, though it will be interesting as time goes by to see what happens to the odd beers from all corners of the globe that don't get turned over.

Reluctantly, we got on our train back to Ursel, but oh what a wonderful day. A large, hearty thanks to Alain for his more-than-genereous hospitality and great food.


A day in Brussels - David Anderson, 03/05/04 06:08:12 AM
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