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Re: A day in Brussels

Posted by Joris P. on 03/05/2004 06:48:33 AM

More about the same.

Let me first state that nothing David stated is overblown - rather the opposite. Though small in external appearance, and kitchen in cramped quarters, the food provided to us was better than excellent. The choice of beers is eclectic, and anybody will find something to his liking - as did the Confrèrie du Faro who were dining there at the same time. I remember having Saison de Mai from Saint-Monon, L' Augrenoise blonde and Kerstbie as dessert.

The generosity of owner-cook Alain and Phillippe were truly unbelievable and we were as happy as the cats that ate the cream. As David presumed, all dishes were prepared with beer (the lotte was prepared with Bink, I remember)

I agree completely with David on his assessment of Delirium Café. At this moment, it cannot be faulted. I went for three quite rare German beers (the Ettaler Curator was a genuine find!), and all three appeared on my table without a flinch. I saw several rare Dutch microbrews in the cooling room, beers I had previously to go to Amsterdam to find them. But, as David says, will we still be able to state the same in 15 months, or so? I saw the same happen with the Moeder Lambic - and with the Liège counterpart la Vaudrée.

We concluded the evening in Ursel with a little sampling of Joseph Speltbeer and Loterbol blond.

Another fine mess - euhhh, day, Stan!


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